The Governor's Conference on Extremem Climate Risks and California's Future

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Governor's Conference on Extreme Climate Risks and California's Future


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Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)

Public Health:
“A Climate of Suffering: The Real Costs of Inaction on Climate Change” (The Climate Institute-Australia)

Extreme Fires:
“ CalFire Strategic Fire Plan”
“June 2008 Fire Siege Report” (CalFire)

Cool Communities--Addressing Heat Waves:
Research on Cool Roofs, Cool Pavements and Urban Heat Islands (LBNL)

“Billion Dollar U.S. Weather/ Climate Disasters” (NOAA)
"Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate" (World Meteorological Organisation)

“An Assessment of California Agriculture’s Readiness for Climate Change” (CA Climate and Ag Network)

“Climate Science, Impacts and Response: Update” (California Energy Commission)
“Center for Climate Strategies Adaptation Handbook”