Research Working Group
for the Climate Action Team


The Research Working Group's task is to research the impacts of climate change on California; improve research coordination among state departments; identify research gaps and opportunities for collaboration; and provide a forum for discussing future state climate change research priorities. State research supports effective implementation of emission reduction strategies identified in the Assembly Bill 32 Scoping Plan.

Research Plan

California's climate change policies have been built on the best available scientific understanding, including research commissioned by state agencies to illuminate California-specific knowledge needs. Successfully negotiating climate change challenges requires integrating sound science into local planning, resource management, infrastructure, and public health planning, as well as introducing new strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The 2015 Climate Change Research Plan presents priorities for the next 3 - 5 years for policy-relevant, California-specific research.


California Strategic Growth Council Climate Change Research Program
The California Strategic Growth Council approved $10.5 million to fund ten climate change research projects.

Vulnerability and Adaptation Study
The 2009 California Adaptation Strategy recommended the preparation of a vulnerability study led by the Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) in coordination with state, regional, and local agencies. The overall approach for the proposed study is a combination of local/regional case studies with state-wide vulnerability assessments for selected sectors of the economy that would use, as a starting point, the studies already conducted for the 2009 Assessment. In some cases, the study will strive to identify barriers to adaptation including regulatory, legal, cultural, financial, and other barriers to the successful implementation of adaptation measures.

Coordination of Climate Change Research
The Research Working Group promotes and enhances the coordination of State agency research programs in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and find synergies.


Climate Change Science Research Catalog
The Research Working Group has created a searchable catalog of climate change research. The catalog includes research from State agencies, both in-house and sponsored. It is available online for the public, researchers, and agency staff, and is updated annually.


Guido Franco,
Climate Change Research Lead, California Energy Commission
(916) 654-3940

Current Roster of Participating Agencies

  • Air Resources Board
  • Cal/EPA
  • CalRecycle
  • Coastal Commission
  • Coastal Conservancy Board
  • Department of Conservation
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • Department of General Services
  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Energy Commission
  • Governor's Office of Planning and Research
  • Natural Resources Agency
  • Office of Environmental, Health and Hazard Assessment
  • Public Utilities Commission
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

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