California Climate Change Center
Annual Climate Change Conference 2004

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Anticipating Impacts of Climate Change In California

June 9-10, 2004

Sacramento Radisson Hotel

June 11, 2004
Energy Commission Meeting on
"Intercomparison of California Climate Simulations"

Sacramento Radisson Hotel

Discussion Papers

  • DANIEL CAYA - Regional Climate Simulations Within Ouranos (PDF, 2.4 MB)
  • MICHAEL DETTINGER - From Climate-Change Spaghetti to Climate-Change Distribution: Consultant Report, Energy Commission publication # 500-04-028 (PDF file, 844 kb)
  • PHILIP DUFFY, - Protocols for Projects for Simulation of Present and Future Climates in California: Draft Report (PDF file, 610 kb)
  • TOM WIGLEY - Input Needs for Downscaling of Climate Data: Consultant Report, Energy Commission publication # 500-04-027 (PDF file, 832 kb)

PRESENTATIONS From June 11, 2004

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